Monday, February 23, 2009

Windows 7 Review


When Vista first came out, everyone was mesmerized by the changes and the advances of operating system design and features. Though rumor has it Microsoft had two operating systems under development at the same time and chose to complete development of Vista and keep what is now known as on the back burner.
In true Microsoft style, they leave the best till last amid gossip that Windows & is due for release on 10th April.

Having installed (codenamed Vienna) on my main computer about a month ago, I’d like to give you an independent review of what the public is in for with Microsoft’s new operating system release.

On install installs very similar than Vista and XP with the exception of an extra small 200mb boot partition which apparently increases reliability. Of course the installation was much larger, about 14 Gigabytes. What really pleased me after it was completely loaded and up and running is the extensive hardware support, for the 32bit version anyway. It suffers none of Vista initial hardware driver problems when if you remember Vista came out. I was very concerned about driver support form canon laser printer and wireless network card, but most will find if doesn’t find and install the driver from the install, you will just be able to use Vista drivers for all your hardware devices.

Now to the look and feel of , the look is very sharp and kind of resembles a Linux Red Hat distribution but only better. It certainly is an improvement over Vista. The use of transparency is very cool and helps somewhat with windows navigation as it lets you see what behind the fringes of your windows.

A very nice feature of is that whenever you hover the cursor over items docked over the task bar you get a medium transparency thumbnail of that program fade up giving you clear representation of what’s waiting for you. If it’s a webpage that’s been minimized to the taskbar a temporary maximized page is thrown onto the screen to show you what that browser contains. This feature will come in very useful for anyone who has multiple desktops running a high number of browser windows.

It doesn’t take long to get use to this feature and use it too to its full potential.

As far as the kernel goes, it provides for a very responsive operating system and now doubt can make use of and take on much larger amounts of ram. As far as networking goes, Windows has made it a lot simpler to share files by what it labels as a ‘Home Group’. Sharing files in Windows 7 is much simpler and user friendly than under Vista.

Overall suffered no crashes in the month of my test drive, though some older programs I have been warned by the operating system not to install, which isn’t a bad thing really. Also the new credential manager to keep usernames and password is a great tool that works seamlessly with Firefox and IE but not so well with Chrome; also you have the ability to create a backup of all your usernames and password only to restore them later after a fresh install which saves a lot of hassle.

There are many more very neat features and additions to to many to add to this post, but the standout improvements would have to be Windows 7 driver support and it’s rock solid stability.

Of course I hope I don’t get proven wrong, but this windows offering would have to be the best since Xp was brought out to replace windows 2000 and if you are thinking of buying a new computer in the not too distant future I would strongly urge you to wait until starts to become available on new systems.

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