Saturday, February 28, 2009

Finding Lost Files using Search

Finding Lost Files using Search

A few clients have asked me, 'how do I find files which I have misplaced or lost.

Well a quick way of finding lost files is using the Search utility in windows, here's a video on how to use search to find files which you may have lost or misplaced.

I know the video is pretty small and may be hard to see, basically I typed .jpg

That's (dot J P G) into windows search window, then clicked 'see more results'

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Backing up Bookmarks in Firefox

Here's a video I have prepared to show you how to backup up your bookmarks in Firefox. It's also a good idea after you have created the backup file of your bookmarks to email the backup to one of your emails for safe keeping. If for any reason your computer crashes and you lose your favorites from your browser, you don't have to perform the tedious task of finding all your favorite web pages one by one.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Windows 7 Review


When Vista first came out, everyone was mesmerized by the changes and the advances of operating system design and features. Though rumor has it Microsoft had two operating systems under development at the same time and chose to complete development of Vista and keep what is now known as on the back burner.
In true Microsoft style, they leave the best till last amid gossip that Windows & is due for release on 10th April.

Having installed (codenamed Vienna) on my main computer about a month ago, I’d like to give you an independent review of what the public is in for with Microsoft’s new operating system release.

On install installs very similar than Vista and XP with the exception of an extra small 200mb boot partition which apparently increases reliability. Of course the installation was much larger, about 14 Gigabytes. What really pleased me after it was completely loaded and up and running is the extensive hardware support, for the 32bit version anyway. It suffers none of Vista initial hardware driver problems when if you remember Vista came out. I was very concerned about driver support form canon laser printer and wireless network card, but most will find if doesn’t find and install the driver from the install, you will just be able to use Vista drivers for all your hardware devices.

Now to the look and feel of , the look is very sharp and kind of resembles a Linux Red Hat distribution but only better. It certainly is an improvement over Vista. The use of transparency is very cool and helps somewhat with windows navigation as it lets you see what behind the fringes of your windows.

A very nice feature of is that whenever you hover the cursor over items docked over the task bar you get a medium transparency thumbnail of that program fade up giving you clear representation of what’s waiting for you. If it’s a webpage that’s been minimized to the taskbar a temporary maximized page is thrown onto the screen to show you what that browser contains. This feature will come in very useful for anyone who has multiple desktops running a high number of browser windows.

It doesn’t take long to get use to this feature and use it too to its full potential.

As far as the kernel goes, it provides for a very responsive operating system and now doubt can make use of and take on much larger amounts of ram. As far as networking goes, Windows has made it a lot simpler to share files by what it labels as a ‘Home Group’. Sharing files in Windows 7 is much simpler and user friendly than under Vista.

Overall suffered no crashes in the month of my test drive, though some older programs I have been warned by the operating system not to install, which isn’t a bad thing really. Also the new credential manager to keep usernames and password is a great tool that works seamlessly with Firefox and IE but not so well with Chrome; also you have the ability to create a backup of all your usernames and password only to restore them later after a fresh install which saves a lot of hassle.

There are many more very neat features and additions to to many to add to this post, but the standout improvements would have to be Windows 7 driver support and it’s rock solid stability.

Of course I hope I don’t get proven wrong, but this windows offering would have to be the best since Xp was brought out to replace windows 2000 and if you are thinking of buying a new computer in the not too distant future I would strongly urge you to wait until starts to become available on new systems.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Printer Problems

Sorry that I have posted a few reviews up lately so now I will post some not so common solutions to a common problem.

If I can ask the question ‘have you got an inject at home? And if you have, has there ever been a time where you went to print on it and the print has come out all blotchy, with streaks or with lines of no ink. I bet it would be most of you because this is one of the most common problems I see with people’s .

This symptom is a common cause of the printer not being used on a regular basis. You see an inkjet s’ printing head is designed to transfer ink onto the paper your printing onto. Of course I hear you say! But during this process a gradual and continued flow of fresh ink is left on the printing head, thus keeping it moist.

Problems occur when you don’t print for a while, say 2-3 months given varying atmospheric conditions. What happens then is that the ink left on the print head from the last print has had time to dry and harden, creating a barrier for fresh ink to flow from the ink cartridge through the printer head and onto the paper, hence the blotches and stripes.

The problem is in extreme cases, running a ‘deep head’ cleaning cycle probably won’t solve the problem. Unfortunately if you have this sort of problem, much more extreme measures are called for.

Here are some measures that may, and I say ‘may’ loosely, fix your beloved s print head from dried ink blockage.

If the print head has become clogged and the 's head-cleaning cycle won't help (run it 10 times if you have to) you could try these things:

Soak the head in hot water then leave it overnight, then try it again

If you have access to an ultrasonic cleaner that will take the print head, use that. (These are used by jewellers and other people which have to clean small, intricate parts)

Buy some Isopropyl Alcohol and soak the print head in that overnight. (You can get it from the chemist)

Use a Mr Cappuccino (or your Espresso machine). It's a small kitchen appliance which creates a jet of steam for frothing milk for making a cappuccino. You can use the jet of steam to blast the print head. But be careful that you don't melt things -- short, sharp jets only.

Each time you try a cleaning method, use a damp paper towel to gently wipe and dry the print head area.

Put a teaspoon of water in the bottom of the empty cartridge and try the cleaning cycle a few times

Please remember though use these tips at your own risk, chances are if your print head of your is clogged with dried ink from lack of use and a print head cleaning cycle doesn’t solve the problem, it means you will probably have to buy a new print head

Alternatively, a simple way to avoid this problem is to print a small full colour image at least once every month or so, this way all the ink colours ours circulated through the ink head, one full colour print a month should keep you out of trouble.

Remember to visit my website and contact me if you need any help with any of your computer problems.

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Kick ass custom system for nix!

Well rounded high quality custom computer.

I have received a few emails of late asking what is a good all round general purpose custom spec which is capable of playing the latest games, watching video, basic photo editing, in general the most popular task most people use a computer for today.

For me this is an easy question to answer as I continually keep up to date with the latest hardware offering, product pricing and performance comparisons of components. It’s sort of a disturbing hobby I have.

So rather than me having to send the same email over and over again I decided to give you the hardware rundown of my sweet spot system, a designed to give you 85% of the performance of the latest and greatest at around a third of the cost.

Here we go......

  • Motherboard: Asus M3N Series (various models to choose from) budget M2N78-EM
  • Processor: AMD Phenom Quad Core 9550
  • Memory: Kingston HyperX 4 Gigabyte 2*2 Gig modules 800Mhz
  • Video card: Asus nVidia 9600GT or 9600GTX
  • Hard Drive: Western Digital 500 Gigabyte Green AKS
  • Case/Power supply: Antec Sonata III with 550 Power Supply

If are looking to buy a new in the near future and you would like a quote on the above system or a specially designed for you needs, please feel free to contact me through my website or send me an email.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Adware Remover Reviews

Adware Reviews

Adware is one of the largest sources of headaches for computer users today. This type of software doesn't spy on you or anything quite like that - instead, it covers your screen in ads, even when you aren't connected to the Internet! Fortunately, there's an answer to this problem.

We've tested dozens - even hundreds! - of adware removal programs. Some of them are great, most of them get the job done (more or less), and too many simply don't work. We've gathered the top contenders in the field, and reviewed them here for your convenience!

For more information please visit my Adware Review Website

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tips for buying the most suitable Printer

5 Tips to buying the most suitable

When most people buy a new they normally look for multiple functions and price. But there are many things to consider when buying a home , like total cost of ownership of the unit i.e. cost of ink tanks or refills.

Questions you will need to ask yourself before your new purchase.

1. What am I going to use the for?
2. What would be my expected print volume?
3. How often will I print colour?
4. How much of my printing will be text?
5. What functions do I need?

This might seem like stupid question, but what type of printing do you think you might be doing.

Photos – High quality Inkjet - Things to consider

If you are into digital photography and think you might use the for printing quality prints from your digital camera, while a suitable which may be more than equal to the task and seem quite cheap, in contrast the costs of replacement ink tanks are more expensive than Grange Hermitage by volume, and third party refill packs are not always an option. So it’s a good idea to take into account the cost of replacement ink tanks before committing to a photo printer as well as the alternative option of just using your local photo lab.

Of course it’s no huge surprise that companies have made a killing over recent years from ink tank sales due to everyone embracing the convenience of printing photos from home. Another disadvantage of ink jet cartridges is that they have a limited shelf life once installed into the . In other words whether you use the or not, you will need to replace all the cartridges roughly twice a year.

But if you are an enthusiast photographer and aware of the increased cost of owning your own photo and highly value the ability to be able to print quality prints at home, then there are some great products out there.

Primarily Text – Home Laser

It’s only in the three or four years that small/home laser s have come onto the market, and if you primarily are printing text and moderate to large volumes of it, there is no better solution.

Laser home s are very cheap to run, I bought a laser canon six months ago and since then I have done some serious printing, probably over 3000 pages and I am still waiting for toner to run out. Also toner cartridges are relatively cheap, but here’s a tip ‘Buy Online’. You can buy the genuine toner cartridges online for around 30% less than a retail outlet and you can save even more if you buy a reconditioned cartridge.

And if you really need to print colour there are some great colour laser printers out there, although they aren’t quite as efficient as the Mono Laser’s and the s themselves as well as the cartridges are considerably more expensive.
Overall if your’ only looking to print text and expect to do a fair bit of it, a small home/office is a great choice.

Multi Function s

Multi Function s are great for the convenience of doing a multitude of tasks using a single device. Print, Scan or simply Copy, some models even have an integrated Fax.

The obvious benefit to having a Multi Function is that if you need a Scanner or Copier and even a Fax Machine for that matter, effectively you get an ’All in One’ solution. The only drawback is that all Home/Small Office Multi Function s are ink jets and therefore pricey to run due to ink jet cartridge replacement costs. Other than the costs of ink jet cartridges, Multi Function s are a great investment if you need all those functions as buying a Multi Function will prove much cheaper than buying a separate , Scanner and Fax machine.

Wrapping up, what’s important is getting all the functions you need and the quality you expect for the best possible price ensuring you get the best value for money. Overall the best advice is to identify and ascertain all your essential needs before you go shopping for your new and consider the lifelong ownership cost of the unit.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hard Drives

Post’s for computer support

What is the best Hard Drive to purchase!

Being a computer buff from way back, I have used and abused most of the offerings from all the manufacturers. As well as working for an IT Support company for a number of years I had the displeasure of receiving a steady stream of small cache servers which use the same domestic model s, the same hard drives that you and I would buy, of which all came in due to hard drive failure.

So I’ll give a best and worst list based on my experience of performance, reliability and longevity.

Best Hard Drives

1. Western Digital
2. Seagate

Worst Hard Drives

1. Maxtor
2. Samsung
3. Hitachi

Overall ‘Western Digitals win in all areas hands down, they run cooler, quieter, last longer and perform better than all other hard drives on the market today, and they have done this for some years now.

Granted they can be a little more expensive, $6-$22 depending on hard drive capacity. But the extra spare change you spend is well worth it considering you will have no sizing issues (Seagate) and you will have a much greater lifespan with Western Digital than with any other .

Western Digital provide a Three Year Warrantee with its mid range (Green) hard drives and a Five Year Warrantee with its performance hard drives.
Only a few months ago I had a pair of Western Digital fail on one of my computers, but only after Seven Years of dedicated and torturous service.
Therefore if you are looking to add some storage capacity to your computer or you are forced to replace a hard drive due to failure or you’re considering purchasing a custom or off the shelf computer.

Make sure you get a high quality storage solution by insisting on Western Digital .

(Purchasing advice) Western Digital Caviar Green 500Gigabyte $109 BEST PRICE

If you would like professional technical assistance in providing computer storage solutions, whether it be the purchase of an external , or another internal hard drive installed into your system. Feel free to email me at or visit my website for further contact details.

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Keeping your files safe!

Of late I have had a lot of customers call me up to recover their precious data from their laptop or desktop PC after a serious crash or virus attack. A simple but rarely used method which can be adopted by all operating systems whether it be Xp or Vista. The only requirement is that your hard drive has to be partitioned or you need to have a second hard drive available.

So in order to save you a great deal of heartache in the future I will now go through with you how to move your ‘My Documents’ folder from its default location at the time when windows was installed to another partition or better still another hard drive which will greatly reduce any risk of data loss.
First go to the intended new location of your ‘My Documents’ folder, create a new folder and rename it, yep you guessed it ‘My Documents’.

Now we will tell the computer to relocate the contents of your original ‘My Documents’ folder to the new folder you have just created on another hard drive or partition.
To do that go to Start and open up the Start menu in the bottom left corner of your desktop, ‘Right Click’ on ’My Documents’ in the start menu. Left Click on ‘Properties’ on the pop- up menu.

In Vista click on the ‘Location’ tab in the newly opened ‘Documents Properties’ box.

Then click the ‘Move’ button and then navigate to and select your new ‘My Documents’ folder. Your computer will now move you ‘My Documents’ files from the folder in C:\ drive to your newly created folder on another partition or hard drive.
Now I hear you ask? What is the purpose of changing the location of your original ‘My Documents’ folder off C:\ drive?

Well to answer that question, when people have problems with their computer whether it be their operating system ‘Windows’ is sick, they have caught a virus which has gone rampant or if your hard drive is playing up to the point where Windows won’t boot up, the first thing you will be asking yourself is ‘Are my personal files ok!’ In most cases they will still be there but they just won’t be readily accessible. In other cases a serious ‘recovery mission’ might be what the doctor orders; which can be expensive and time consuming and provides no guarantee of recovering all if any files especially if a virus is involved or the hard drive has lost its file structure is or damaged in any way.

So it goes without saying ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’!

For just a little configuration change you can save yourself the possibility of a Huge Headache while giving yourself peace of mind that your personal data is secure!

If for any reason you don’t feel comfortable making the above windows configuration change or you would like a new hard drive and backup image created as well as your ‘My Documents’ folder relocated by an expert technician and you live within the Adelaide suburbia, please feel free to give me a call.

John Salamon
Mobile: 0402309971

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Note: If your computer is sick, or you have a very large amount of data on your original ‘My Documents’ folder on C:\ drive it is advisable to seek professional technical help!