Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hard Drives

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What is the best Hard Drive to purchase!

Being a computer buff from way back, I have used and abused most of the offerings from all the manufacturers. As well as working for an IT Support company for a number of years I had the displeasure of receiving a steady stream of small cache servers which use the same domestic model s, the same hard drives that you and I would buy, of which all came in due to hard drive failure.

So I’ll give a best and worst list based on my experience of performance, reliability and longevity.

Best Hard Drives

1. Western Digital
2. Seagate

Worst Hard Drives

1. Maxtor
2. Samsung
3. Hitachi

Overall ‘Western Digitals win in all areas hands down, they run cooler, quieter, last longer and perform better than all other hard drives on the market today, and they have done this for some years now.

Granted they can be a little more expensive, $6-$22 depending on hard drive capacity. But the extra spare change you spend is well worth it considering you will have no sizing issues (Seagate) and you will have a much greater lifespan with Western Digital than with any other .

Western Digital provide a Three Year Warrantee with its mid range (Green) hard drives and a Five Year Warrantee with its performance hard drives.
Only a few months ago I had a pair of Western Digital fail on one of my computers, but only after Seven Years of dedicated and torturous service.
Therefore if you are looking to add some storage capacity to your computer or you are forced to replace a hard drive due to failure or you’re considering purchasing a custom or off the shelf computer.

Make sure you get a high quality storage solution by insisting on Western Digital .

(Purchasing advice) Western Digital Caviar Green 500Gigabyte $109 BEST PRICE

If you would like professional technical assistance in providing computer storage solutions, whether it be the purchase of an external , or another internal hard drive installed into your system. Feel free to email me at or visit my website for further contact details.

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