Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Shepherd of the ‘Flock’

I don't make a habit of doubling up on my posts with my Internet Marketing Blog, but I feel this program is too newsworthy to be contained in a single blog.

The program or rather internet browser I am talking about is of course 'Flock'.

Yes I know, I didn't just mis-pronounce a cuss word; I hadn't heard of it either up until a few days ago when I was researching an highly successful internet marketer by the name of Ed Dale.

Anyway getting back to business, this browser will fundamentally change the way you view and surf the internet. Although for those casual surfers this new revolutionary browser will hardly blow wind up your skirt, though for the hard core internet freaks and internet marketers alike, or for those just looking to spend less time on the net, the heralding of this state of the art browser is akin to the second coming.

The browser 'Flock' is made by the same people who created Firefox, and in my opinion will soon increase Mozilla's strangle hold on browser domination; in fact it could enjoy a complete monopoly, the 'Frock' browser is that good!

To give you some details Flock was built on the basic foundations of Firefox, and once its installed there is no hassle at all migrating all your browser setting, passwords and favourites to Flock, the process is done seamlessly and although Flock seems a lot like Firefox it is all so much more powerful.

All your social sites fully integrate into flock, facebook, twitter, you name it.

Flock has a very customizable My World tab featuring your favourite feeds, friend activity, favourite media, and favourite sites. You can totally manage facebook and even individually interact with facebook friends with a very nifty People Sidebar. There’s also a neat Media Bar giving fast access to your favourite media streams complete with a video stream search facility for the major video stream sites such as Flickr and Youtube, there’s a RSS Feed Side Bar and let me not forget a time saving and Account and Services side bar. If you’re into blogging you can publish and update your Wordpress and Blogger blogs with the browsers blog editor.

You can easily ‘borrow’ web content and share it or drag and drop it onto your on sites all within the browser, to be honest I could keep going and going and going.

Although the best thing I love about this new browser is the total lack of hang-ups, it works seamlessly and is very responsive and despite the complete thrashing I gave it while opening twenty six tabs it never skipped a beat, not even once.

And last but not least, it runs on every operating system known to man, yes even Mac's!

I urge anyone who wishes they could do more online in less time to give Flock a test drive, I highly recomend it.

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