Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Having your computer serviced?

That’s right, most computer owners don’t realize that computers, just like cars do need regular service. Although the routine maintenance for a computer is usually much less involved than a car and not nearly as expensive; computer maintenance is essential to maintaining a healthy, smooth running and trouble free computer.

For the most part a computer service involves having the interior of your computer case and the processor heatsink/fan cleaned of collected dust, you can get away with having your computer serviced every twelve months.

For the large part having your case and processor/heatsink cleaned might seem trivial, but believe me ‘a lot of dust’ can collect on a processor heatsink in twelve months. This dust inevitably hampers airflow through the processor heatsink and therefore the heatsink holds more heat, which in turn will make your computer’s processor run hotter and slower, and can even reduce the life of not only the processor but the whole system.

Other maintenance services that can be performed during your computer's yearly service can also involve:

  • Image file and backup reversion: when the operating system is ‘dirty’ or highly unorganized sometimes no amount of defragging the hard drive will help, so if you computer reseller or technician has been wise enough to create a clean backup image of your computer; it might be wise to have that backup image (operating system/Xp or Vista) reverted to its original clean, pristine state; where it will run like the first day you bought it
  • Hard Defragmentation: Over time files on your hard drive will become fragmented or messy, and although it’s a simple operation to de-fragment you hard drive, let’s admit it many of us just don’t have the time. While your computer is off getting serviced, the hard drive should of course be defragmented.
  • Hardware check: this might sound strange to the average person, but for us computer nerds we can come across signs of impending doom. That’s why as part of your computer’s servicing routine, a thorough hard drive and memory (Ram) check should be the final PC health check. If there is an impending problem with your hard drive or ram, it’s a good time to know about the problem while your personal data can be easily saved and transferred onto a new hard dive.
  • Upgrade options: during your computers yearly service is an ideal time to weigh up the value of any hardware upgrades. It will save you an extra service bill and reduce your computer downtime.
Well I hope I have been helpful in providing useful information on the value of having a computer service regularly.

While you can service your own computer, there is of course risks involved and if your lack the confidence or technical know how it’s wise to have your computer service performed by a professional technician.

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